Terms and Conditions

In consideration of the mutual covenants, and upon the conditions, set forth herein, Client (The Coachee) requests and your Wealth Coach [Vivian Goh] agrees to provide Wealth Coaching services as follows:




The services to be provided by the Wealth Coach are designed jointly between Wealth Coach and Client and are based on the Client's expressed challenges, goals, and objectives. Wealth Coach employs assessments, discussion, questions and practices to assist Client in reaching Client's objectives.


Wealth Coaching is designed to address specific challenges and objectives the client would like to consider which could include personal and financial objectives, but are not limited to: budgeting, money management, wealth creation strategies, financial concepts, career development, relationship enhancement, life balance, decision making, and achieving short-term or long-term goals.


Your Wealth Coach will only provide factual information as part of the education process. The client acknowledges that deciding how to handle these objectives, incorporate Wealth Coaching into those areas, and implement choice is exclusively the client’s responsibility. Wealth Coach will not in under any circumstances recommend a financial product or investment choice to the client as this is deem as personal financial advice.


Any names of financial product or investment choice that may be mentioned in the Coaching session is for illustrative purposes only. It is the client’s responsibility to research and make a well-informed decision. For more information on type of advice, please click here for RG 244.


Wealth Coaching is for people who are healthy, well adjusted, emotionally steady, effectively functioning, and wanting to make changes with their money and life or more intentionally focus on a financial challenge or objective.


Wealth Coaching is most effective when both parties are candid, open, honest and straightforward in their communication and most of the time, the success depends largely on the Client's willingness to open-minded, redefine, experiment and try new approaches and take an active participation in the change process.





Client is here informed and understands that the Wealth Coaching relationship is not financial counseling, or any type of therapy; nor is it a substitute for these services. In the event that the client feels the need for financial counseling or therapy, it is the client’s responsibility to seek a licensed professional who can provide these services.

The client understands that the Wealth Coaching relationship is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, personal financial advice, business, spiritual or other qualified professionals. You are responsible for seeking advice in those areas if necessary.

The client understands and acknowledges that all decisions in these areas are exclusively to the client and that any decisions and actions regarding them are the sole responsibility of the client.





The client acknowledges and agrees that in the course of the services, your Wealth Coach may ask you questions that may be personal, challenging, or disturbing. The client acknowledges and agrees that the client is fully responsible for physical, mental and emotional well-being during Coaching sessions, and is fully responsible for any actions, choices and decisions made as a result of the Coaching.

The client waives and releases any claims arising or results from Wealth Coach's questions, suggestions, and advice and from actions, choices and decisions made by the client. This waiver does not apply to conduct or actions outside the scope of the Wealth Coaching services.





The Coach and client mutually recognise that they may discuss future plans, business affairs, customer lists, financial information, job information, goals, personal information, and other private information. Wealth Coach will not communicate any of the client information to any third party. In order to honour and protect the Wealth Coach's intellectual property, the client likewise agrees not to disclose or communicate information about the Coach's

practice, materials, or methods to any third parties.





Wealth Coach acknowledges that he or she may obtain confidential personal, financial and/or business information from Client and agrees to keep and maintain such information confidential and not to disclose or use such information without Client's prior written consent.



Exceptions where the Wealth Coach may make a disclosure include

1). If the Client shares information that gives the Wealth Coach reasonable cause to believe there are threats of serious harm to the Client him/herself or others.

2). If the Wealth Coach's records are subpoenaed or other law requires disclosure.

3). Some means of communication, such as wireless telephones and email may be not secure from eavesdropping, so if you agree to their use you are indicating your agreement to utilise a communication medium that may not be confidential.

4). To prevent the Client from committing a criminal or fraudulent act or to mitigate or rectify such conduct.

5). To secure legal advice about the Wealth Coach's compliance with this agreement.





When an employer pays for Coaching, the Wealth Coach will not share personal or confidential information about the Client with the employer, unless at the request/agreement of the Client.





Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement, or the breach of this agreement, shall be settled by arbitration, which will occur via telephone by an arbitrator that we mutually agree upon. The costs of the arbitration shall be shared equally between the parties.





Coaching session cancellations must be made via email or phone at least 24 hours in advance of appointed time. If Client misses or cancels a scheduled session without providing at least 24 hours notice, Client will forfeit the session as scheduled. No refund or credit for late cancellations or no shows will be made.

Your Wealth Coach will make reasonable efforts to reschedule deliveries that are cancelled appropriately in a timely manner.

Simple Wealth Coaching agrees to provide the client at least of 24 hours notice of cancellation via email or phone in advance of appointed time. If the Coach misses or cancels a scheduled session without providing at least 24 days’ notice, Simple Wealth Coaching agrees to reschedule the Coaching Session as well as provide an additional Coaching session at no charge.




Upon the Client agreeing to and engaging in a coaching package (set number of coaching sessions over agreed period of time), the Client is purchasing (personally or through their company) a full coaching package and is liable to making full payment of cost as set out and agreed.


The Client may however immediately at the end of the first session terminate and request a full refund excluding the session under taken. Client may also cancel or terminate the coaching process any time after session one,  but will not entitled to refund of outstanding sessions.


Wealth Coaching Services are billed in advance and termination of the coaching process by ‘The Wealth Coach’ will entitle client to a full refund of outstanding coaching sessions pro-rata.





The ongoing package is reviewed annually, and this includes the price and services provided. Upon the Client agreeing to and engaging in an ongoing package (set number of coaching sessions over agreed period of time), the Client is responsible to make monthly payments as set out and agreed and, to book their 1:1 Wealth Coaching sessions.


If the set number of Coaching sessions has been used before the agreed timeframe of 12 months, the Clients can purchase additional sessions at a discounted rated. The client will have to confirm the price with the Wealth Coach before proceeding.


If the client does not use all of the set number of coaching sessions over the agreed timeframe of 12 months, the sessions can be rolled over to the following year, however no refunds will be made for sessions that were not booked by the Client.





This Agreement shall, in all respects, be governed by the laws of the Australia applicable to agreements executed and to be performed within Australia. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement of the parties and no amendment, change or modification of this Agreement shall be valid, unless in writing and signed

by all of the parties hereto.





This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, and each executed counterpart shall have the efficacy and validity of a signed original and with the same effect as if all parties hereto had signed the same document. All counterparts so executed shall be deemed to be an original, shall be construed together and shall constitute one agreement.

Photographic copies of such executed counterparts may be used in lieu of the original for any purpose.

Further, this Agreement may be executed by an electronic, jpeg, facsimile or other digital method of signature.





Please refer to your Service Agreement to proceed further.