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Simple Wealth Women

"My work is to support and empower you in creating wealth in a way that is unique to you alone."

After years of being in the Financial Advice industry, I'm now launching a game-changing program to help more women create financial independence on their own terms without the traditional financial advice model.

Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. What may have worked for another may not work for you.


Most women I work with are competent and confident in what they do, however when it comes to money and planning for their future; there's still some uncertainty. Money is an important topic no doubt, but it is also an emotional topic too. 


Our current wealth management services are catered more for men, not women. Hence, many of us may not have felt comfortable having conversations around money, but not for long! We are here to change this dynamic.

" Creating wealth can be simple if we start the process with you."

Here's what the Simple Wealth Coaching program includes:

  • 4 x 1:1 Wealth Coaching sessions - explore your relationship with money, clarity coaching, value-based discovery and goal setting. 

  • Provide you with unbiased and useful financial information, knowledge and connections. 

  • 100% online sessions, so you can do this at flexible hours at your convenience.

What Other Women Say 


I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders after our sessions.  Vivian is a caring, sincere and a knowledgeable Wealth Coach. Now, I'm no longer in debt & financially secure & enjoying my new job.


Vivian has a gentle manner and exceptional insight into the wealth management world. She understands the why behind each person's financial situation &   guides them to create their own master plan. 


I felt a little stuck with my money before but not anymore.  Now I am self employed, work half the amount of time than I used to, and most importantly, I am confident with what I'm doing with my money.

"Show love and compassion for yourself by taking a further step towards your financial well-being."


So, here's a gift from me to 8 lucky women to become a part of the movement at Simple Wealth Women. It is a 1:1 tailored Wealth Coaching program for two months.

The lucky five will get a whopping 75% off the $995 program, and we will announce the results on 1 Aug 2019.


To register, all you have to do is send an email to us with the following details:


  • Name

  • Occupation

  • Your purpose for signing up

  • What would you like to get ​out of this program?

Email: vivian@simplewealthcoaching.com.au

*Simple Wealth Coaching has stringent rules around privacy and confidentiality. We will not share any of your information without your consent."