Automate Your Cashflow & Payoff Your Debt

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Automate Your Cashflow & Payoff Your Debwith Vivian
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So today, you will be learning how to automate your cash flow so that you can:

  • Pay off your credit card or personal debt twice as quick

  • Save hundreds of hours yearly by saying goodbye to manual checking

  • Get clarity on your flow of money 

  • Build an emergency fund for any unexpected expenses

  • Enjoy going on holidays without the uncertainty or need to feel guilty after

100% of all the clients I've worked with managed to do so. So, the odds are in your favour for sure.

If you’ve attempted my Money Belief Workbook with care, you will find this next step much easier and liberating.

“I just don’t like the word budgeting.”

Budgeting tends to bring more negative thoughts and emotions like guilt, restriction, frustration etc. I’ve worked with more than a dozen types of budgeting tools and systems but none of them had worked for me and my clients until I discovered what I call the 'Simple Money Flow' system.

Actually, budgeting is nothing more than becoming aware of your money flow. How much money is flowing in and how much is flowing out. From there, you can make decisions on where you want to spend your money intentionally.

“Budgeting = Awareness of Your Money Flow”

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Simple Money Flow


The Simple Money Flow system is made of 4 accounts:

1. The Hub - this account is the main account. It receives all your income. If you have an offset account for your mortgage, you may consider it as a Hub account.

2. Lifestyle - some clients call it "Fun Money" or the "Splurge Account". You will have a fixed weekly transfer into this account, linked to a Direct Debit card (not a Credit Card). This account caters for your coffees, brunches, lunches, night outs, etc.

3. Bills - this account is specifically for fixed, re-occurring bills and living expenses. A monthly amount can for into this account. i.e. petrol, rent, groceries and etc.

4. Goals - this account is specifically for planned goals such as paying off debt, holidays, car purchases etc.



To help you even further, I'm sharing with you an "All-Done-For-You" spreadsheet to get the figures you need for each transfer. 


Please allow at least 30 min of quiet time to attempt this. You can download it here.


Once you've completed the spreadsheet and made adjustments to your liking, you can now align your accounts to what's on that spreadsheet. That's it!!! You are on your way to financial security and stability.

This system has helped 100% of my clients pay off any credit card and personal debt mostly within 3 months. Implementing this system may take some time and effort, but the amount of money, time and energy you will save in the long run is definitely worthwhile.

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If you really want to quicken and deepen the process, we are offering you an opportunity to do so by working 1:1 with Vivian.

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"I've never felt more in control with my money."



"Vivian is a sincere, thorough and profoundly knowledgeable Financial Wellness Coach. She understood my struggles and guided me out of it."



"Vivian coached me through my career change and showed me a new way of managing my money. It was an eye-opener and there was no turning back."


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