After 1:1 coaching with many high-performing Personal Trainers, I noticed that there are a few common patterns that come up time and again: 

1.First, they deliver great client results and transformations. They are exceptionally hard working and dligigent when it comes to their craft. They invest in their personal and professional development reguarly. 

2.Second, they make a lot of quick cash from being good at what they do. 

3. Third, they normally do not have any structure or plan when it comes to their money and future. 

The third pattern is pointing towards a huge gap, and opportunity, many PTs are often missing out on that allows them to keep more of their hard-earned money and make it work for them.

It is not uncommon for a PT courses to teach you how to sell or retain more clients and charge higher prices or packages, but this doesn't necessarily make you wealthy. If it did, most high-performing PTs could have retired by the age of 35 if they started when they were 24 and earning a six-figure income. 

The truth is many PTs don't really know what to do with their money. Therefore, it ends up sitting in a bank account that earns close to no interest at all or, they find ways to spend it. If they decide to invest it, they often feel uncertain and 'hope' for the best or worse, get drawn into bad inveestments through FOMO. 

The more holistic approach to money is not only to earn a good amount of it, but you need to have a plan or structure to KEEP AND GROW it. When I say growing it, it doesn't mean that you follow someone else's advice blindly but to really take some time to understand how wealth creation works in a simplified way so that you can be more confident of what questions to ask and what risks you are willing to take to make good returns in the long run.

The best way to tranform your results is to work with someone that can coach and guide you to create a plan for your future life, someone who can quickly get your results by structuring your cash flow in a way that allows you to maximise instantly and also live a lifestyle you're happy with. Its the same option a prospective PT client - who wants to gain the greatest results in the shortest amount of time, many people 'go it alone' in the gym and the majority of them do not get anywhere near the results that they could have if they were working with a PT.

A typical high-performing PT who works with me can save up to $60,000 net per year. I'm talking about net, meaning the exact amount you have in your pocket, not income that still needs to be adjusted for Tax and expenses. Now multiply that figure by 10 years. That's $600,000 even before considering investments. 

The untapped wealth potential for PTs is real. 

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