Client Stories

More Money, Time & Fulfilment

Frank, Self-employed Fitness Coach

A few years ago, I was earning ok money, but I was not truly happy. I knew that I had to make some changes in my career, but I had some uncertainty about my money. 

In our 1st session, Vivian helped me get all my thoughts, fears, emotions out of my mind. She was calm, knowledgable and guided me with care. She also questioned my thinking and beliefs in a way that no one did before (which is what I truly needed). 

We worked out my new options, goals and created an action plan for my career change with a new way of managing my money. It was an eye-opener and there was no turning back.

Now, I'm earning 20% more money than before, work 50% fewer hours than I used to, and needless to say, my savings and investments have gone up big time.

I recommend this service to anyone who may feel stuck, know they need change, but don’t know-how.


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