Transform Your Money Beliefs, Transform Your Life

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Transform Your Money Beliefs, Transform with Vivian
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Transform Your Money Beliefs, Transform with Vivian
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Financial Wellbeing is when you are... 


In control of your finances - with a sense of security and, have the freedom to enjoy life now and in the future. 




Many studies have found that our personalities and views of seeing the world have been formed by the age of 7. So imagine, millions of 7-year-old kids managing their money now.


If you pay attention to the patterns of your thoughts and emotions you will find that out of the average 40,000 thoughts you have a day, about 95% of them are the same as the day before.

It took me, and a lot of clients, to figure out that uncovering Money Beliefs is the most important work to attempt first if you want to improve your Financial Wellbeing.

Beliefs govern --> Thoughts & Emotions --> Actions & Behaviour

No matter how much you earn or where you grow up, you will likely have some money beliefs that are outside of awareness. 

I'd like to share some common money beliefs with you:

Budgeting is hard work.

Actually budgeting can be easy with the right tools and structure.

I'd rather pay my own mortgage than someone else's

Whilst buying a home ​could be an important goal, it's important to take time and access if it is truly better off financially. In some cases, I've witnessed clients losing more money and sacrificed their lifestyle in doing so.

I will be happy when I achieve Financial Freedom

This ​is common social conditioning from corporate ads. The moment you believe that Financial Freedom is something in the future, you are bound to feel trapped or dissatisfied with what you have now.

Ready to find some of your own money beliefs? Scroll further down.

Exclusive FREE Money Belief Workbook

Transform Your Money Belief Workbook is specifically designed to uncover your Money Beliefs, which are the underlying reasons for your money struggles.


When this work is done with care and genuine intention, you will find your relationship with money will start to transform immediately. Many 'a-ha' moments and penny drops may occur.

Please allow at least 15 min of quiet time to attempt the exercises in the workbook. You can download it here.

Once you've completed the exercise above, I'd like you to continue to be aware of your money beliefs for the next 2 days, and how it may transform other areas of your life.


After 2 days, you will receive Step 2: Plan Your Future & Still Enjoy Life. You will be introduced to a leading-edge framework to help you set financial goals and still enjoy life.

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