Question The Inner Critic & Pay Down Your Debt

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Question Your Inner Critic & Pay Down Yowith Vivian
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Well done on taking your first step in understanding your level of Financial Wellness. Even though there are some uncertainties around your finances at the moment, don’t worry. This will only be temporary.

"Let's get to the naked truth."


Sometimes, we can be our worst enemy. With the inner critic around and in-charge our lives can be much harder. Unfortunately, the inner critic is not one that can be silenced at will. The following guide is designed to help you overcome it.

“Money is a medium of exchange. It is only a tool, NOT your sense of self-worth.”


Start by being aware of self-defeating thoughts that may cause shame, guilt or anxiety. All these emotions and thoughts take you away from the task at hand and what’s truly happening now. Start questioning those thoughts. Here are a few examples:

“I will never pay off this debt.”


"I can't be 100% certain of this statement. What's truer is that I haven't look closely enough to the numbers." 


“This is too hard!”


" I can't be 100% certain that managing money is hard. It is more likely that my mind is judging the situation harshly or I haven't been taught an easier way."



“I shouldn’t have taken out this debt.”


"I can't be 100% certain that this is true. When I incurred this debt, it was useful and satisfied my needs/desires in some ways.

What's truer is that I am now ready to pay it off."

Instead of living in the past, learn to accept what happened and focus on here and now. Your debt and situation are not good or bad - It is neutral. Your inner critic may make it seem otherwise. 


Years ago, I encountered a client with a secret personal debt of $30,000 and a harsh inner critic that sabotages her with thoughts like - 'you will never pay off her debt', 'you shouldn't have made such shitty financial decisions', etc.


After she became aware of her inner critic and started questioning them, she became more clear about her true intentions, and started moving towards actions that helped her pay off her debt in just a few months! Anything is possible :)

Now you try it! Catch the voice of the inner critic and question it. Scroll further for more instructions.

Summary of Exercises & Useful Tools

1. Start shining some light on your inner critic by writing thoughts down and questioning them. Go on, grab a pen and paper and spend the next 10 minutes flushing out your inner critic. You can do so by writing down different thoughts and emotions that come up when you do the following exercises:

As you go through the exercises above, notice what the inner critic says or make you feel. At the end of the 10 minutes, use the following questions to deal with your inner critic.

  • Is this statement true? Can you be 100% certain that it is true? Or is it a judgement of your inner critic?

  • What would you do instead if you didn't have that thought or emotion?

  • How can you objectively and lovingly move on?

Once you've completed the exercise above, I'd like you to continue to be aware of the inner critic on other areas of your life for the next 2 days. Pay attention to how it is stopping you from living peacefully in this moment.


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