Plan Your Future & Still Enjoy Life

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So today, you will be learning to set financials goals that will allow you to enjoy life now and in the future. If you have completed the Money Beliefs exercises, you will find this step much easier.

Have you ever set goals but somehow didn’t manage to achieve them? Even when you’ve achieved some, you may only experience a high that only lasts a few days. Soon, you are back to square one.

To overcome this, first, set some time aside to discover what the things are that you truly value in life.

"Money is the vehicle, not the destination."

Story About James

When James and I first met, he had a goal of buying a home. When I asked why he said: "With the rent I'm paying right now, I'd rather pay my own mortgage."

As our conversation got deeper, James spent most of his time talking about experiences of travelling, his family overseas and freedom to have the lifestyle he currently has.


At the end I asked him, it sounds like you value experiences, family and freedom very much, why are you wanting to buy a home really?


There was a moment of silence and then James said: "Actually, I don't know. Isn't this what I'm supposed to do?"




"Money is only a tool. It facilitates more of the things we value in life."

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Let's Set Some Goals!

Step 1

Understand that financial goals are life goals that require funding. Life goals stem from your values. Do not confuse a Financial Goal with a Financial Strategy as they are 2 different things.


A strategy like buying an investment property or starting a share portfolio is used to achieve Financial Goals but it is not the goal itself.

Example of a Financial Goal: I would like to travel overseas yearly as I enjoy the experiences of different culture and nature. I may need approximately $5,000 for each trip, twice a year. The countries I'd like to visit include...

Example of a Financial Strategy: Split your goals to short-term, medium-term and long-term, then allocate your budget accordingly to each goal and select investment strategies that align with those timeframes and your forecasted cash flow.

Remember, if you fixate yourself into a single Financial Strategy too early, you won't be able to achieve your Financial Goals in a way that allows you to enjoy life simultaneously. 

Step 2

Set aside 5 min where you won't be disturbed and think about what you truly value in life. It does not necessarily need to be finance related. Example: family, experience, health, personal growth, etc. Write down at least 5 of them.

Step 3


Use our leading-edge goal-setting structure, called the P.O.W.E.R model - a step-by-step guide on how to set goals that will stick and work. You can download this here.

Time Required: 15 mins


Step 4


Ensure that your goals are aligned with your personal values you've written down in Step 2. This way, you are more likely to achieve your goals and still enjoy life.

Once you've completed the exercise above, I'd like you to practise being aware of how you are living your values in your everyday life for the next 2 days. Reflect on whether the financial goals you set are aligned with your personal values.

Any questions or feedback, please feel free to share it with me by clicking here.



After 2 days, you will receive Step 3: Automate Your Cash Flow & Move Towards Your Goals. You will be introduced to a system where you can gain more control over your money and more freedom to enjoy life.

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