Financial Wellness Program

A tailored program to help reduce Financial Stress and improve Financial Wellbeing of your valuable employees.

According to recent research, did you know that....

  • 49% of Australians say that their personal finance is causing stress in their lives.

  • Financially stressed employees have lower level of presenteeism at work with an average of 3.2 days annually and take additionally 2.4 days of sick leave a year.

  • Financial stress is causing Australian businesses about $31.1billion annually.  

Australian Psychological Society Research: Stress and Wellbeing in Australia Survey, 2015
AMP Research: Financial Wellness in the Australian Workplace, 2018

Simple Wealth runs webinar, workshops and coaching sessions with employees; helping them to:

  • uncover money beliefs that may no longer serve them

  • set meaningful financial goals that are aligned with their personal values

  • support them in making financial decisions with unbiased financial education

We want to help create a more healthy, dynamic and productive workplace where every employee is able to be present and at their best.



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