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Our Philosopy

Personalised Coaching

Money is a tool to facilitate a lifestyle you want. It's a vehicle, not a destination. We will explore your values, goals and beliefs around money.

Financial Wellness

It's about a sense of security, being in control of your day-to-day finances and having the freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life. 


No Jargon, just simple language.

Judgement Free

Simple Wealth Coaching provides a safe, judgement-free, private and confidential space for you to explore, learn and transform your relationship with money. 


Unbiased & Transparent

We are not a financial advisory firm, we do not sell products, take any commissions or need you to have a certain net worth to start working with us. 



Cultivate Rich Resources

Resources can come in different forms – mindset, clarity, confidence, the right education, tools and strategies.

Vivian Goh

Founder & Financial Wellness Coach

"Think of me as a Money-orientated Life Coach"

Filled with abundant financial knowledge and connections in the Property, Super and Financial Advice over the decade, she realised that it is a part of a solution, not a whole solution to wealth creation. 


Humans are emotional beings we relate to, earn and spend money differently depending on our past learnings and values. ​Vivian now helps clients approach wealth in a much more simple yet holistic way. 


These reasons led her to leave her financial advising licence and founded Simple Wealth Coaching. Her life mission is to help people improve their financial wellbeing through personalised coaching and unbiased financial guidance.


People We Work With

  • You may have tried doing it on your own but prefer someone to speak to in getting clarity and confidence in what you do.

  • You may want to start growing your wealth but unsure of where to start.

  • You may have spoken with a financial adviser but their service or price doesn't suit you.

Coaching Style

  • Open, non-judgemental, creating a safe environment for your self-exploration



  • Bachelor of Accounting and Banking and Finance

  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

  • Numerous Coaching Qualifications: NLP, Coaching Genius Cert, Integral Semantics Facilitation

Let's start taking simple steps towards your Financial Wellness

Judgement-Free. Jargon-Free. Stress-Free.