Vivian Goh

Founder & Wealth Coach

"Think of me as a Money-orientated Life Coach"

Vivian is a successful Wealth Coach based in Melbourne, Australia. Over the last 10 years, she has accumulated an abundance of financial knowledge and connections in the Property, Coaching and Financial Advice space. 

Vivian now uses her powerful and proven wealth coaching skills to help PTs, Fitness Coaches and Health Professionals to gain more freedom and stability with their money.


Vivian's clients are high-performing individuals who earn a good income and are delivering genuine results for their clients. They work with her to learn and improve their way of managing their money and use it masterfully to achieve life goals that are important to them, enabling them to have the freedom to work fewer hours and selected times if they want to.

Vivian is a huge advocate for health, fitness and holistic wellbeing. Her mission is to ensure that high-performing coaches and professionals in these fields are financially fit and thriving in their business.

People We Work With

  • We specialise in working with people working in the Fitness, Health or Wellbeing industry. Due to limited space for private coaching each month, we only accept clients working in or are planning to work in these industries. For couples, at least one partner must qualify.

  • You may have tried doing it on your own but prefer to speak to a trustworthy and qualified Expert to get clarity, a structured action plan and confidence in what to do.

  • You may want to start planning for your future and growing your wealth but unsure of how to start or do not feel 100% confident with your plans.

  • You currently make good money but have little structure to optimise your business and personal cash flow.

  • You value freedom, time, relationships and personal growth.

Coaching Style

  • Open, non-judgemental, results-focused



  • Bachelor of Accounting and Banking and Finance

  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

  • Numerous Coaching Qualifications: NLP, Coaching Genius Cert, Integral Semantics Facilitation


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